OMEN Mindframe Prime Gaming Headset with Cooling FrostCap Ear Cups, Custom RGB, 7.1 Surround Sound, Noise-Canceling Microphone (6MF35AA), Black, Small

$DeSo 20.8984375  
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$DeSo 20.8984375

  • FROSTCAP COOLING EAR CUPS - Featuring the world's first active earcup cooling technology, FrostCap helps you stay cool during your most heated sessions
  • PASSIVE COOLING CUSHIONS - Passive ear cushion cooling technology that conducts heat away from your skin
  • 7.1 SURROUND SOUND - Accurately pinpoint enemy positions from any direction and immerse yourself in your games with built-in 7.1 virtual surround sound audio chip powered by C-Media Xear
  • ENVIRONMENTAL NOISE-CANCELING MICROPHONE - Environmental noise canceling dual microphones block out background sounds so your squad only hears you
  • OMEN AUDIO LAB - Create custom audio EQ settings in OMEN Audio Lab powered by C-Media Xear via OMEN Command Center
  • OMEN COMMAND CENTER - Control Frostcap cooling technology and customize RGB lighting with OMEN Command Center (Requires Windows 10)
  • CUSTOM FIT - Easily adjust the lightweight suspension headband for a perfect fit with spacious oval-shaped ear pads
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