Wireless Headphones for TV Watching with Optical Bluetooth Transmitter, makemate BKM200 Digital TV Headsets, Easy Plug and Charge, up to 165ft Wireless Range, Crystal Stereo for Most TVs - Black

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$DeSo 11.00651042

  • ã??TRULY NO STATIC NEW BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGYã??Qualcomm Bluetooth technology with new CS8670 chips allow strong walls penetrability. UP to 165ft wireless range, little static sound and few interferences of cutting off, ensuring perfect audio and image synchronization without delay.
  • ã??PLUG & PLAYã??Just turn on the Bluetooth transmitter and the headphone - they will auto connect. Press headset button for 2-3 seconds until blue light starts to flash, don't press it for more than 4 seconds, or it will enter repair mode. And an instrution video in the manual makes connection easy and intuitive. After setup, need to set your TV audio to "PCM" and "External Speaker" or "Headphone"with the manual.
  • ã??WIDE COMPATIBILITYã??Compatible with 99% of TVs on the market, supports OPTICAL / COAXIAL / 3.5mm AUX / RCA AUDIO OUT port. (NOTE: BKM200 does NOT decode Dolby / DTS - only PCM). Not guaranteed to be compatible with all streaming TV/apps. Can try to start with regular tv, then log in to streaming TV/apps. TV audio also needs to be set to "PCM" and "External Speaker" or "Headphone".
  • ã??BRILLIANT CRYSTAL SOUNDã??Enjoy Hi-Fi immersive stereo sound without compromise with Qualcomm new Bluetooth chips, makemate digital TV Headphones guarantee you the solid bass and crisp treble performance without distortion! Allowing you to walk around in your other rooms while listening.
  • ã??LONG-WEAR COMFORT & FEW SOUND LEAKAGES ã??Fitting different heads snugly, stretchable band with premium protein earmuffs offers you a comfortable wearing experience and a stylish look. Over 90â?? roating earmuffs provide better passive noise cancelling and stereo surround sound.
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