About Us What Is EverythingStore? EverythingStore is a new type of e-commerce marketplace where anyone from around the globe can buy/sell real world as well as digital goods & services at one place one stop using $DeSo. EverythingStore wants to give power to the merchant, creators, artists and the buyers to expand their experience either with shopping, creativity or even expanding small business(s). EverythingStore's ultimate vision is to become the marketplace of the future on bitclout blockchain & for all it's social media, governed by smart contracts. Only an 'Alliance' which includes EverythingStore coin holders, sellers, creators and artists will define rules & regulations, and program them into smart contracts, guaranteeing transparency, trust and sustainability. The objective is to build the e-commerce marketplace today, without a negative impact on performance or user experience. This can only be achieved by carefully analyzing all components of a marketplace and successfully implementing on bitclout blockchain environment. The Challenge The world is witnessing an unprecedented centralization of economic power by leading companies such as amazon, facebook, walmart and shopify. Presently, an astonishing 83% of all product searches start with either Amazon or Google. Every second book in the United States is sold via Amazon, who also controls the e-commerce infrastructure: globally more than 4 million merchants use the Amazon marketplace and underlying services as a sales channel. This market dominating position allows Amazon to dictate prices and terms & conditions to use their services, factually subordinating merchants across the globe & overtake small business(s) in most of the categories through main streaming their own product. For online and offline merchants alike, the market position of Amazon is a real threat, as long as the dependence of merchants on Amazon remains unchanged. Merchants selling via Amazon can be blocked and driven out of business, successful products can be sold directly by Amazon and prices for advertising to drive traffic to one's products can be dictated. While the online share of retail trade is constantly growing, the power of Amazon will increase along with the trend. From a merchant perspective (third party sellers), Amazon has consistently raised fees on warehousing and storage costs, as well as shipping fees. These increases typically occur twice a year, and have had a tremendously negative effect on the margins of third-party sellers by continually transferring additional expenses onto third party sellers, while more margins are achieved by Amazon. This vicious circle of centralization power must be broken. The Solution Power to the merchant, creators, artists and the buyers of EverythingStore. We firmly believe that merchants, creators & artists need to be empowered in order to provide the best products and the best services to consumers. The best alternative is an organized marketplace which will in the future be controlled by the said Alliance. Decisions regarding features and services will not be forced upon merchants. The concept of an alliance serves as a strong basis to build the organizational structure to define the marketplace. Merchants, artists, creators, buyers & EverythingStore coin holders across the globe become members of this alliance and thus participate in the decision-making process. Members are empowered to contribute to the development of the marketplace ecosystem. By adopting our vision of a decentralized organized marketplace, merchants, creators, artists and buyers continue to stay independent, enabling them to manage their online shops locally and having one of a kind customer experience. Any Seller can start selling instantaneously from existing categories in exchange for $DeSo. Any NFT created on Bitclout blockchain can be sold directly or put for Auction by the creator or the buyer. In the case of NFT, the creator has the option to either sell/auction with $DeSo or their own creator coin. Whichever is selected out of the two options, that shall alway remain as the currency in theory forever for that specific NFT. NFT Artist Shall Have The Options Of The Following Features (Many Features Coming Soon) :
    Sell for a Fixed Price Different types of Auction Set an % royalty received every time the art is re-sold, either in $DeSo or their own creator coins Distribute a % of royalty automatically to all your coin holders according to their holdings equally. Authentication proof Buyer/Receiver of NFT to re-sell or burn it (" If the wallet that currently holds the NFT, burned the NFT, it needs to be removed off the platform. If someone else burns it, it has to stay on the platform."). Minting an NFT that can not be resold or limited resells. Transfer of un sold NFT to user, without bidding. Creating a vault of value for sale later have file size unlimited Sell on Bitclout And/Or Ethereum blockchain(s)
Fees & Payment Sellers may be charged for using some of EverythingStore's services. This Fees & Payments Policy explains your fees and taxes and how to pay them. 1. Types Of Fees Sellers may be required to pay the following types of fees Transaction Fees When you make a sale through EverythingStore.io, you will be charged a transaction fee of 5% ($DeSo) of the price you display for each listing plus the amount you charge for shipping and gift wrapping. The transaction fee will apply to the listing price (which should include any applicable taxes), shipping price, and gift wrapping fee. If you offer optional personalization for an additional fee, the additional fee for personalization is added to the listing price you display and the total display price is subject to the same transaction fees described in this section. NFT has a transaction fee of 1% (either in $DeSo or artist creator coin depending of the currency chosen by the artist) Trade of $DeSo & creators coins to buy And/or sell has a fee of 1% to the both said parties. Buyers shall pay in the local currency of their choosing. Seller shall pay in $DeSo And/or creator coins. Advertising And Promotional Fees We believe ads should help sellers grow their businesses and contribute to the overall member experience. Sellers can purchase paid advertising on EverythingStore through the Advertising Dashboard. EverythingStore Ads display a seller's listings or shops prominently on EverythingStore's websites and mobile apps. EverythingStore Ads are displayed in one or more locations, such as users' search results, based on at least four main ranking factors: search relevance, listing quality (including compliance with EverythingStore's policies), the bids (or amount budgeted for bids) to display the listing, and for some listings, likelihood of views or sales. You may choose to promote some or all of your listings or shops as EverythingStore Ads.